View Full Version : Program still asks for CD to be placed into CD-ROM drive...

17.12.2002, 01:32
I just set up Warcraft 3 in Daemon and after i successfully installed, I tried to run the program. When I did this, it asked for me to insert the correct cd into the CD-ROM drive. I tried renaming the drives and downloading the newest version, but I still cannot get it to work properly. Any suggestions?

By the way, I am running in windows XP on a pentium 2.2 with 512MB ram

17.12.2002, 02:12
Which program was used to create the image, which settings?

17.12.2002, 02:22
Sorry, I had a friend do it a while ago on clone cd i believe...not sure what the settings were, default I guess. The only reason that I am trying to use the backup is that the original got scratched up beyond belief. It's officially FUBAR now, so I don't have the option of re-backuping.

17.12.2002, 02:39
did you installed from the image? activated the "SecuROM"Emulation??

17.12.2002, 02:47
I installed from the image and used the securom emulation. I don't understand why most games don't really care what drive you put the disk in, but this one seems so nit-picky.

17.12.2002, 03:02
hmm, then I've no good advice for you, sorry. You can "play" a little bit with the emulation options (turn on/off; combine) but it seems that your Image is in fact a bad Image... But it's only guess, as I'm very tired now.

Maybe some other Teammember give you a better advice

17.12.2002, 08:05
I can confirm that D-tools works fine with war3 even when installed from a different drive. I installed war3 from my real dvd drive which is F and due to cd-key stealing etc. wouldn't use a nocd crack on it. Anyway yesterday after installing the new dtools and grabbing the new trial of blind write I decided to try get it running with dtools (never tried the protection emulation before). I created the image with blind write and when asked said yes to making a bwa dump. I mounted the image to drive G, it auto ran I clicked play and loaded up and jumped onto bnet no worries all with the cd sitting ontop of my left speaker :) I am running win xp sp1 and my war3 is an original cd. Just want to say thanks to the dtool team you have made my day, I hate having to change cd's and now I can avoid it without having to use cracks and other things that could cause problems, you guys rock.