View Full Version : Loose USB-Drives/CardReaders

25.05.2009, 09:37
On weekend I installed DT 4 Lite on my Windows XP x64 SP2computer.

Now I see that all my CardReader-Drives are away.

today I uninstall DT4L = no drives
I delete sptd.sys = Bluescreen
I undelete sptd.sys and install sptd x64 = no drives
I remove sptdx64 = no drives
I install sptd x64 again and install DT4L = no drives

What can I do? What is the correct way to see the CardReader-Drives?

25.05.2009, 14:32
hey hey

Just to let everyone know the same happened to me (except the BSOD) and I still need a solution.

Anyways, I used SPTDinst-v158-x64 to uninstall the SPTD files and I've also uninstalled Daemon tools lite 4.30.4 and my card reader drives aren't back. I've checked the forums and I tried using the solution, but nothing. Also the drives don't show under right click My comuter -> Manage -> Disik Management. Before installing Daemon I know the drives were there.

I'm running Win Xp x64 SP2