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27.05.2009, 18:58
Hello Sirs,

I can't get the Command Line Parameters to work.

I go into command prompt under:
"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite"

then I type "daemon.exe -get_count"

I also tried: "daemon.exe -get_letter 0"

In both cases nothing seems to printed out. Am I missing something?

The "-mount" command parameter works fine.

Thank you.

27.05.2009, 19:12
Type "echo %errorlevel%" after one of these commands.

28.05.2009, 11:06
Type "echo %errorlevel%" after one of these commands.

Thanks Blazkowicz. It does not seem to work. All I get is 0.


C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite>daemon.exe -get_count

C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Lite>echo %errorlevel%

I have four (4) DTLite drives for testing, so I would expect output 4. :confused:

03.06.2009, 18:59
Is this feature being removed?

12.09.2011, 11:42
I suspect the -get_count didn't get the attention of the programmers when they added the drive types to DT - it used to work before we had to specify scsi or dt drive types, but now returns 0 if any drives exist.

13.09.2011, 11:30
Please explain the problem more detailed. I've checked -get_count with DTLite 4.41.3 on Win 7 x64. It works fine.
Did you specify device type?

18.09.2011, 01:05
Win XP sp3 x86 DTlite

according to the manual online "-get_count Gets number of virtual devices, returns devices quantity or -1 in case of error. Parameterless."

So when 2 scsi drives are present it returns 0 or when dt drives present it returns 9009 ( mixed drives 2 scsi 1 dt)
and only a Dt drive present returns 9009 also, and finally with no drives present returns 9009
although I am getting strange results during this test in a cmd window. Normally run from .cmd files not .bat
Might be an x86 or winxp issue?

Would be great to be able to distinguish between drives with a parameter eg -get_count [dt|scsi|all] default all

and the online batch file example is missing the new drive type parameters.

19.09.2011, 10:51
Just tested -get_count on Windows XP x86 sp3 with DTLite 2 SCSI and 1 DT virtual drives added.

DTLite.exe -get_count dt - returns 1 for both BAT and CMD files. It's correct!
DTLite.exe -get_count scsi - returns 2 for both BAT and CMD files. It's correct!
DTLite.exe -get_count - returns 1 for both BAT and CMD files. It's known issue. Will be fixed in the next releases. This command should return general number of virtual drives. But currently it returns the number of DT virtual drives.

Please check your scripts.

19.09.2011, 11:25
so it does - documentation on the online help is missing the dt or scsi parameters for the get_count command - it is currently described as "parameterless" which it can be but should not be. I have updated my scripts and it is working as expected again. Thx.

20.09.2011, 09:33
Online-documentation has been updated :)

08.10.2012, 15:54
Hi guys!

Would like to check with you whether "DTLite.exe -get_count dt" works for portable DTLite4454-0316.

Let me show my case:
[x86, XP, SP3]
1) I Installed DTLite4454-0316.exe version (unchecked all options like "desktop icons, daemon tool toolbar, etc." - so it goes without any additional tools/toolbars, chose free license).
2) Copied complete "DAEMON Tools Lite" folder from C to D drive.
3) Uninstalled Daemon tools from Add/Remove.
4) Opened command line and navigated to "DAEMON Tools Lite" folder on D drive.
5) Executed "DTLite.exe -add dt" few times (e.g. 2 times. echo %errorlevel% reports "0" each time) and checked that these 2 new drives have appeared.
6) Executed "DTLite.exe -get_count dt", echo %errorlevel% reported "0", but as I understand it's expected to be "2".

1) Could you please advise if portable version of DTLite4454-0316.exe supports e.g. -get_count operation?
2) If answer to the first question is "yes", could you please share how to get the counted number in cmd (as you see %errorlevel% is always "0" actually even after -add command)?
3) If answer to the first question is "yes", what do you think about using output stream instead of errorlevel variable for exposing the number of drives (perhaps just add some flag to DTLite4454-0316.exe)? It'll allow user to be sure that any non-zero value of %errorlevel% = real error.

Thanks for your tool!

17.01.2013, 07:09
I have the same issue. Win7x64, 1 DT device.
Typing in cmd : <"C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTlite.exe" -get_letter dt, 0> or <... -get_count>. Nothing.
After <echo %errorlevel%> returns 9009.
What am I doing wrong?

16.03.2013, 07:30
Hi Komposter,

I'm having the same issue here even though my %ERRORLEVEL% returns 0. I've tried it on both DT Pro Advance 5.2 and DT Lite 4.47 but neither of them returns anything, be it -get_count or -get_letter...
Are these commands on their way out or am I doing something wrong? I checked that DTShellHlp was running but still nothing.
Although irrelevant to me, I'll say that de Explorer Extensions are disabled (tested just to be sure, activating them don't help).
Does somebody know what to do in order to get it to work?

Thanks to anyone who can help :)

NOTE : Tested on DT Pro 5.2.0 on Windows 8 x64 and on DT Lite 4.47 on Windows 7 x32.