View Full Version : LATEST SecuROM 5 & KotOR

09.03.2004, 01:52
I've used the "Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)" default settings in Alcohol 120% Version 1.4.8 (Build 1222) on all of my Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic disks and was running the game fine on Daemon Tools 3.44. I even updated to version 1.2 successfully without a problem. Today I tried to update to 1.3 and it now has a problem with running emulation software. Has anyone figured out how to work around this problem yet? Or is this an even newer SecuROM update?

09.03.2004, 02:15
Please wait til next dtools update.

09.03.2004, 02:23
Please wait til next dtools update.

Due soon?

09.03.2004, 09:38
Hopefully, I have been waiting for a blacklist fix for SpellForce (1.10 Patch)

12.03.2004, 11:33
Well, I'm just gonna use Alchol 120%. They respond to all posts and it still works on all games...might come back to DT if they get their forums and program up to speed.

12.03.2004, 11:58
What's your problem?
Besides the fact that Alcohol is blacklisted, too!?

12.03.2004, 14:11
AFAIK the Alcohol virtual drive and DT are made by the same people :)
You can't expect an update for every new blacklist!