View Full Version : Spoof virus attack from deamon tools

09.03.2004, 03:46
I recieved an e-mail from support[AT]deamon-tools.cc [Spoofed]
With an attachment containing a file with the

"Worm.SomeFool.Gen-1" Virus

Inside message it said, "Please read attached file".

Just a reminder don't trust e-mails with attachments.

This was probably produced by a third party data miner.

be carefull a whole new wave of viruses is here.

09.03.2004, 14:07
Thanks for the heads up.

09.03.2004, 17:46
thank you for this info. Unfortunately, more and more worms spoof the sender of original message.

Generally, we NEVER send unwanted mails and especially not mails with
attachment. Only exception of course is if we informed user about it before