View Full Version : DTPRO trial version installation activation failed

06.06.2009, 12:02

I've a problem with DTPRO trial version on one of my PC (with windows Vista 32).

I've downloaded the .exe, runned it and when i try to activate my email adress an error box apppear (in french i'll try to translate it)

French :
La connexion au serveur a échoué, veuillez vérifier votre connexion internet et tout autre logiciel pare-feu que vous pourriez avoir.

Translation :
The conexion to the server failed, please check your internet connexion or any firewall that you may have.

In the bottom 3 butons "connexion parameters", "try again" and "cancel".

I've tried to deactivate the vista firewall, Kaspersky etc. but always the same issue when trying the install.

Is there another app of vista i needed to be deactivated ?

I've installed DTPRO trial version on my second PC without problem (XP SP1).

Thanks for your help.

06.06.2009, 12:47
Check your hosts file (windows\system32\drivers\etc) for a disc-soft.com entry and remove it.