View Full Version : Daemon Lite not running

06.06.2009, 20:43
Forgive me if I appear lost. I'm completely new to these kinds of programs and such, so bear with me.

I just downloaded and installed Daemon tools Lite, and I want to run it, but every time I launch it from the start menu (running vista btw) a little box pops up that says: "You need local administrator privileges to run DAEMON tools lite for the first time.

Local administrator privileges sounds like it's on my end, but windows has not claimed to be blocking any programs, like Vista normally does when it asks me if I want to alllow things. When I click OK on the box, it vanishes and offers nothing else.

How do I solve this?

06.06.2009, 20:48
Right click on DAEMON Tools Lite and select "Run as Administrator".

07.06.2009, 17:39
Hello I have the ame problem even when i run as an administrator the program does not open any help would be appreciated thansk in advance

07.06.2009, 18:40
Check tray area (next to the clock).

08.06.2009, 12:57
Thanks for the help it is running fine now. :)