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09.06.2009, 09:18
Hi there, people!

I just want to know if there's a list of options/switches for Command Line.
In case there IS, could you lead me to please?
I looked all around (like here (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/command-line-switches-20993/)) but couldn't find anything of help. Nor Google!

Thanks in advance!

09.06.2009, 13:05
DAEMON Tools Lite Help: Command Line Parameters (http://www.daemon-help.com/windows_integration_lite/command_line_parameters.html)

10.06.2009, 07:48
Very kind of you, Terramex. But... that's all???

I mean, can I enable Securom or turn on/off Secure Mode
or even close DT itself via this way?
It's just I need to create morons-proof shortcuts to some applications
and I'd wish to make use of all the potential DT can afford.

Oh, thanks again!
... and greetings from Chile!