View Full Version : After uninstalling, the E: drive still appears as if I had DT

11.03.2004, 18:40
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: Nero6
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33

First of all, your program rules.
Now the problem: I had daemon tools 3.33 installed on my winxp system. One day, when playing on my dedicated Counter-Strike server, a buddy sent me a message in Trillian(chat program, like ICQ). Then my system froze and I should have restarted from the button of my laptop. After restarting, the DT icon won't appear in taskbar. So I uninstalled it, and installed the new 3.43 I think version of it. I didnt restart between the uninstall and install, I did wrong here, I think. So now I have E: and F: Virtual CD drives, and I need only one ...
Can you tell me how I can "clean" my system from that?
Thank you in advance, have a good day!

11.03.2004, 18:45
Read thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.

12.03.2004, 11:32
Ok, I will be able to uninstall my drives but how the hell can I know their names? What are the default ones, for example??? I even installed DT on a friend's laptop, and looked at the install log, and there I see only two drivers(installed into C:/Windows/System32/drivers) that I dont have.
Peace out, thanks

12.03.2004, 11:44
Default names are d343bus.sys and d343prt.sys (v3.43);
or d344... (v3.44).

12.03.2004, 15:33
I don't have any of those drivers, nor something similar.
At first, I looked in the /system32/drivers directory for files whose name has something to do with Daemon Tools, but there are no such ...

12.03.2004, 20:12
what I did is uninstall the drivers of my E: drive, and now I dobt see the drive letter anymore. I hope that wont interfere with the install Im going to make after I reboot. Thanks anyways.