View Full Version : My DVD writer/burner doesn't read any CD/DVD anymore

11.06.2009, 13:52
I installed Daemon Tools because I needed to mount an image of a software copy (well, that's what it said in the recommended manual). After installing and trying to mount it, I realized I was missing a component to get the programme to work properly.
So never mind, I dismounted the 'extra' station icon that appeared under my disks range.

I only have 1 DVD-RW installed, a Samsung-SH S223F/BEBE SATA 22X. It's indicated as drive "E:". Another (phantom?) device is supposedly a CD-station (F:). Under the Management Console (dunno is this is the correct translation, it's in Dutch for me), this comes out as TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F ATA Device. So that's ok. No indication of an error according to the log, it should work fine.

Under location it says these parameters:
Location 0 (Channel 1, Target 0, Lun1). Are these settings ok or not?

So the entire Daemon software is uninstalled and all these stations should be unmounted. But my DVD-rw can't read anything anymore.
I already uninstalled the entire DVD-RW from the Management Consule. I can insert any disk - a DVD, a game, a normal CD with graphs and image galleries... nothing. When I click the station icon in My Computer, it gives the message "E:\ Application not found". Sometimes, when I just inserted a CD in there, I see it look for content (the driver icon has a spinning arrow over it), but gives the message 'insert a CD disk' ??

Can anyone get my DVD-RW to work properly again?
Suggested solutions please !
My OS is Vista 64-bit.

Never thought Daemon tools could hijack a DVD station like that...

11.06.2009, 13:56
Disable "Hide..." emulation option.

11.06.2009, 14:04
Is that an option under settings of the drive in the Explorer map, or somewhere within the Management console?

(Sorry, I'm not very used to tweaking drive and hardware settings)

11.06.2009, 14:27
I've tried the following: I re-installed the evaluation copy of Daemon Tools Pro, so now I've got this virtual drive G: (HD-dvd rom station).
I went into the Daemon Tools pro, went to 'Preferences' under the Tools bar, then under 'Advanced' I could clearly see that 'SafeDisc' was NOT marked - right as it should since it is said here (CD/DVD-ROM Troubleshooting (http://storefront.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps_extras/17420/Support/EA%20Help/Whitepages/CD_DVD-ROM_Troubleshooting_.htm) )
that this setting messes with the proper reading of a cd or dvd.

But still, whenever I put on a cd or dvd, I hear the reader spinning, looking for data, but then it ejects the disk and asks to put on a proper cd...

Pretty annoying... what to undo???

11.06.2009, 14:43
The option i meant is in DT Pro and DT Lite/Preferences/Advanced/Hide CD-R.

Also emulation options should be only active if they are really of need, e. g. when running burned disks to start copy protection applications/games.

11.06.2009, 15:09
Everything under the Advanced tab is unchecked...

But that doesn't do the trick... !?
I doubt if rebooting now will make any difference. If I'd uninstall the evaluation copy of DT , why then can't the DVD-RW read any normal CD or DVD disk anymore...

(Mind you: i'm not interested in mounting files anymore, it seems all settings are as they should, DaemonTools advanced settings are all 'off')

So, no effect on the reading ability of the DVD-rw... it's not reading properly.

Could we go step-by-step in getting the solution together?

many thanks sofar for your help!