View Full Version : HELP !!!! Nothing is working ....

12.06.2009, 13:18
Can anyone help me , PLEASE !!!! Running vista premium, and after i installed Tools Lite, i cannot mount anything ,
CD starts to run and then stops , entire computer freezes and nothing can be done but reboot....awaiting help

12.06.2009, 14:34
Regarding the administrator issue:
Right click on DT and select Run as Administrator.

Regarding freeze:
Which CD starts to run (virtual or real)?
Which DT version?
Have you installed SP2 for Vista?
All drivers are up to date?
Are you running Gigabyte Energy Saver? If yes, close it.

12.06.2009, 17:16
I have done what you told me still no luck with admin issue, i have even reinstalled the DT, nothing.....it is a vista ultimate, all the driverrs are updated, it is a brand new computer .....the real cd is spinning after a while stops, image is not mounting nothing is showing and when i try to open it system freezes.....DT ver. i have also noticed that not always when i click on the icon DT is working , until i restart computer :confused::mad:

13.06.2009, 09:54
maybe you have running an AV Scanner?
have you try to disable it?

13.06.2009, 09:55
Please send a message to our support department (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg) with a link to this thread.

13.06.2009, 11:00
After a struggle i decided to try a different ISO program and i have installed UltraIso, everything is working fine with that program, however i prefered using Daemon......sooo any ideas what else can be wrong, i have both sp1&2 driver updated all in working order.....not sure what might be wrong i have disabled firewall anti-virus etc still same problem.......HELP :mad: