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12.03.2004, 13:23
I was wondering if it would be possible to release small update patches to fix blacklisting issues. So instead of waiting for a new version we could install a small patch to get rid of some blacklists.
Then maybe people would stop bugging the DT team with all those questions about when a new version will be released :)

Just a suggestion, I don't know if something like this is possible 8)

12.03.2004, 14:07
The problem is that the blacklistings are really complex (e.g. ProtectCD);
so simple "patches" are not possible.

12.03.2004, 18:48
That's what I was afraid of... But thanks anyway for the reply :)

12.03.2004, 19:41
Some blacklists may even require full rewrite of driver.
This happened many times in the past.

23.03.2004, 14:07
plus the only reason you get that is because you try to use a game online where the server can see if you have a real copy or a Stolen one

All i'll say is dont wanna buy it then sorry tough luck

you get Daemon tools for free so read up on how to use stuff

and if you want to then buy it instead

have a nice day

17.04.2004, 16:01
hm, just an idea, would it be possible to inlcude some sort of randomizer which changes certain aspects of the code so that when a game blacklists the current version, you would just hit a button and the program would rewrite certain parts, therefore being an "unknown" version to the blacklist and therefore not being blocked.

heh, learn from some virus-coders, they use such techniques for creating polymorphic virii not being detected by anti-virus software :mrgreen:

12.06.2004, 20:25
The problem with this approach is that in Windows XP, after service pack 2, all programs with self-modifying code have to have an option manually enabled by each user, or windows will halt the program, thinking it is a virus. This is a hassle. Also, if I wanted to blacklist D-Tools, searching through all the self-modifying progams on a machine would be a good start...

12.06.2004, 20:52
Looks like we got ourselves a problem here...

Protections get patched with most game updates every few weeks or even days, but DT can not be patched between versions, so we have to wait until a new version comes out to fix the blacklists.
And when the new version is finally out, there's already some new blacklists within a few weeks. Which means our fun never lasts long :x

16.06.2004, 17:45
we're currently working on a better solution !