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14.06.2009, 13:51
So, I've read around quite a bit and haven't seen anything close enough to my issue, so:

I just last night tried to install some version of dt, not sure which version, it came in another package, in vista home premium. A little window came up that said 'installing', but no progress bar or anything else familiar. After a little while, it said that the system needed to be rebooted, at which time the installation would continue. I rebooted and now the 'windows encountered an error last time' screen shows up giving me two options, start normally, or open the recovery console. When I select start normally, it goes on like normal until the Microsoft title screen with the little loading bar thing, then suddenly restarts. If I instead choose to repair windows, it goes back to the exact same screen I was already on.

The only discs that I have are full-scale hard drive wiping reset discs, no vista discs, so I can't disable sptd or anything like I've been seeing around here. I really need to fix this computer without wiping, as I have irreplaceable files.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

14.06.2009, 15:27
I forgot to mention that I also have linux live cds, so I can gain at least some access to the hard drive, if there are certain files I can fix. I just remembered that it was some version of dt-lite. Thanks again.

14.06.2009, 18:41
Check this thread:
Ensure you reboot before re-installation of Daemon Tools versions >4.06 (latest recommended), previous versions are NOT Vista-compatible!

14.06.2009, 19:13
Thanks for replying.

I in fact already read that thread, but I can not get anywhere near being able to stop stpd from loading, as I can not boot into safe mode or any kind of recovery console. I also can not edit my registry, obviously, so I figured that this thread didn't quite fall under that umbrella.

The version I installed came with an iso, and as it was recently made, I didn't think to check for a newer version or compatibility or anything like that.

So, are there any files that I can change or delete from a linux live cd that would fix this issue? Any other ideas? Is there a vista recovery console disc that I can make? Again, thanks in advance for any and all help.