View Full Version : Image mount/unmount issues with vista ultimate x64

19.06.2009, 15:54
Ok... I'm having Huge issues with DT and windows vista ultimate x64.

First, DT will mount an image, but won't autorun or even display the ISO's CD/DVD icon in the Drive listings under explorer which isn't exactly a major issue, but more of an annoyance. Secondly, DT will not unmount one image when I load another but rather keep the old image in memory and when I access the virtual drive from explorer it still shows the contents of the previous image. I try and unmount/remount several times, at which point the DT systray Icon will no longer accept any user interaction, and explorer becomes COMPLETELY unresponsive, resulting in a Blank "my computer" with no drive listings at all, and when I try and reboot the machine, Windows takes longer than normal to shut down, usually resulting in a hang on the "shutting down windows" screen forcing me to hard reset. :confused::mad:

Any of you guys have any ideas here?

28.06.2009, 22:45
Hey I have almost exactly the same problem, using Vista. When I mount an image it will autorun only about %30 of the time. Double-clicking the CD icon in Computer does not run it. I have to restart several times to get it to run the program when I mount the image. I have also had to hard shutdown while trying to get this to work. Sorry I don't have a solution for you but someone please help us!