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13.03.2004, 17:42
This may not be the most appropriate forum for this, but I figured there may be many experts on here.

I've had great success in using EAC to rip and encode my (paid for) CD collection to .ogg files.

However I have trouble with some copy protected CD's.

First a disclaimer: This is NOT a post about piracy. I'm exclusively talking about music I have bought and wish to play as .ogg files on my own PC.

I'm trying to find a way to workaround the copy protection. I've had some luck with making images of the protected CD and mounting the image as a virtual drive, then use EAC to "rip" the drive image and encode. But there are some CD's I haven't had any luck with yet. I've used a (legal) copy of Blindwrite to make drive images and Daemon tools to mount the image.

I haven't tried out all the programs and all the methods out there.

Does anyone have experience with this and have found programs or methods that (almost) always work?

Any tips would be appreciated.

14.03.2004, 20:10
this depends on the used protection on your audio-cd's and your
hardware (specific: read-capabilities of your cd-rom).

Which cd-rom (or dvd-rom or burner) was used to create the image?

15.03.2004, 01:57
My drive is a Plextor PX-708A

1 of the CD's I have trouble with is Tom McRae's Just Like Blood.
It's a BMG CD with IFPI Copy Control.