View Full Version : Changing disks during play

13.03.2004, 19:48
Operating System: win xp
Burning Software: not app.
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I need to be able to change disks during a game. I tried mounting both images and then putting the second disk in when asked, but it didn't work. Anyone have any suggestions?

13.03.2004, 23:41
Maybe I should also add, alt+tab is buggy in this program and once I use it I can't bring it back up. I think the only way to fix my problem would be to somehow mount both cds to the same drive so I can just pop in the cd and it will emulate it. Anyone know how to do this or maybe another way?

14.03.2004, 02:48
There is no real way to fix this. I had this problem with worms3d - it would not recover after using alt+tab. I figured out that if I changed to windowed mode (alt+enter) I could access the desktop.

14.03.2004, 03:17
I tried alt+enter and all it really did was add black to the bottom and top of the screen. Sort of like letterboxing it. Is it supposed to do that? Maybe I just have a buggy program?

14.03.2004, 04:44
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: Alcohol + Nero
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Some multi CD games also have a 'full install' option where you don't need to switch disks while playing. An good example is Diablo 2.
And if not you could also try using multiple virtual drives (you can have 4 with DT) and mount all images at once :)

14.03.2004, 15:53
Ok I tried mounting both images on 2 different drives, but the program won't spin up the other drive to look for the disk. Is there a way for me to mount both images to one drive? How do I do it?

15.03.2004, 00:01
No, you can't mount 2 images any more than you can insert 2 cdrom's!