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22.06.2009, 05:33
When i mount it tells me that the disc might be corrupter or uses a format windows cannot recognize.

Idk why this happens. I tried manual uninstall, installed new stds, reinstalled deamon tools. I use vista 64 i made sure that deamon is also 64 and stds plze help.

22.06.2009, 14:34
Such problem is usually caused either by damaged image file, or interfering/missing drivers.
Check in device manager if any drivers are installed for the virtual devices. There should be cdrom.sys, storprop.dll and redbook.sys.
If no drivers are installed, click on install drivers and point to cdrom.inf supplied by OS (in hidden Windows\Inf folder).
If all mentioned drivers are installed, but also some additional filter drivers check this thread, too:
My real cdrom/dvdrom drives are missing - THE DAEMON TOOLS FORUM
Also check if you've a file infcache.1 in Windows\Inf folder, (re-)move it, then try again.
Sometimes also some antivirus or similar software prevents correct image file access, try to update/disable such software.