View Full Version : Detecting Copy Protection with ClonyXXL

13.03.2004, 21:31
I downloaded ClonyXXL on my dads computer and tried it out and it worked fine. I then burned the ClonyXXL install file on a disc and brought it to my house and copied to my main computer (I have 2) and it will not work. I get a "CD-Rom Setup" and it's in german with no option to change to english. I even tried clicking every option available (there weren't very many) with every combination possible of my cd-drives, and the program never starts up correctly like it does on my dads computer or even my second computer. I have even formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows 3 times since then (not for this problem but for others) and I still can't get it to work. The only thing I can think of is my hardware, cd-rw or dvd-rom drives, aren't compatible with ClonyXXL or I need new firmware or something. Unless my version of Nforce2 motherboard drivers for the IDE channels is the problem.

Also if anyone knows an email address of someone at ClonyXXL, that would be helpful, I was unable to find anything except websites with download links to ClonyXXL and no "Official" website links.

21.03.2004, 04:23
Have you tried downloading it to your own computer and installing it. Sometimes you cant just copy the installed files and port them accross to another computer. It wil need to be installed correctly.

Hope that helps