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24.06.2009, 16:26
alcohol120 52

requires net framework 2.0 or above i believe

so far only tested on xp 32bit

gauranteed to have plenty of bugs

post here if ya interested

28.06.2009, 19:27
i uploaded it as torrent so get bitcomet or other client

DaemonScript Clone ScripterNite 29-06-2009 : Software > Windows - CD/DVD Tools - Mininova (http://www.mininova.org/tor/2722712/)

29.06.2009, 07:09
new version

DaemonScript clone ScripterNite v1.1 29-06-2009 : Software > Windows - CD/DVD Tools - Mininova (http://www.mininova.org/tor/2723834)

read included text file for fixes

06.07.2009, 00:52
torrents not working

so go here

2shared - download ScripterNite v1.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6573361/9b7bc119/ScripterNite_v12.html)

06.07.2009, 16:30
latest version here v1.3

2shared - download ScripterNite v1.3.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6581714/8b0054d7/ScripterNite_v13.html)

07.07.2009, 03:21
So far so good.

13.07.2009, 18:58
v 2.0

heaps of fixes and changes

2shared - download ScripterNite_Installer_v2.0.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6677758/c775675b/ScripterNite_Installer_v20.html)

19.07.2009, 18:46
heaps more fixes and changes

2shared - download ScripterNite_Installer v2.1.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6757371/3a0a9564/ScripterNite_Installer_v21.html)

changes v2.1
changed some more button images
added messagebox for waitforapp if running a script and the file does not exist
change the icon dropdown box in create shortcut form
icon dropdownbox in shortcut form now only displays 1 item for each application in the list(waitforapp and runapp)
fixed the way recent items get reordered
added save button dropdown for recently opened and saved scripts
now save a shortcut anywhere windows will let you
added email so you can send bugs
added messagebox to help diagnose script problems
added 'timeout' for 'waitforapp (note 0 = timeout disabled)
press 'Ctrl' and 'Page Up' keys while using waitforapp or delay will popup message asking if you want to exit the script
changed all the error messageboxes to an exclamation instead (not so loud)
changed delay to seconds from milliseconds (make sure to correct any scripts containing delay items
or you will be in for a long wait)if you get caught just press the 'Ctrl' and 'Page Up' keys to exit the script.
added version number on about screen
checks to see if autorun is permanently disabled in windows and offers a fix
few other things cant remember them all
hopefully havent introduced any new bugs!

22.07.2009, 20:23

2shared - download ScripterNite v2.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6802523/a396b128/ScripterNite_v22.html)

changed exit script keys to 'ctrl' 'alt' and 'f12' press all 3 simultaniously during delay or waitforapp only
fixed small bug introduced in v2.1.. new button did not work if the script did not need saving
fixed another introduced bug where you could only open daemon tools pro scripts
added sound when you save a script just to confirm it saved
few other things

26.07.2009, 16:46

email scripternite@live.com.au

2shared - download ScripterNite v2.3.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6855971/6cc26aec/ScripterNite_v23.html)

new dialog added if you can create a shortcut in the specified location
can now import and export scripternite registry hive (in options)
now can move the about screen
some other things

28.07.2009, 13:00

email: scripternite@live.com.au

2shared - download ScripterNite v2.4.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6881547/d0643698/ScripterNite_v24.html)


added change icon dialog (also adds shell32.dll to the 'Icon Path' list)

13.09.2009, 06:39
Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?

15.09.2009, 01:11
Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?

never tested on windows7 but have you tried it without the installer let me know where the problem is and ill try fix it for you

24.09.2009, 07:58
Sorry for the late post. Tested on Windows 7 x86, and all works well. Will manually install on Win 7 x64 tomorrow. Im now 99% sure the regular installer "setup.exe" does not recognize 64 bit machines.

A updated installer or correction in the install script should fix this problem, but let me verify it first.


26.09.2009, 21:26
Okay, here is the deal with Windows Vista x64 (I assume) and with Windows 7 x64 (my o.s.):

To get this to work, I needed to create a ScripterNite directory under

C:\Program Files (x86)

and then manually unzip ScripterNite (SN) to

C:\Program Files (x86)\ScripterNite

Now if you just do that, and try to run a SN script, you will get the following error:

The virtual drive you have choosen does not exist! Exiting script.

To avoid this error, you must first click Options in SN, click Dameon Tools Pro or Lite (which ever you have), and change the path from C:\Program Files\... to C:\Program Files (x86)\...

Now try running your script, and everthing should be fine. I'm sure if the author of this fine tool were to use an install routine than recognizes x64 operating systems, this will become a non-issue.

13.08.2010, 11:02
thought i would let yous know a little early i finally got round to updating scripternite (v3.0) so check back here within the next couple of weeks if im not to lazy that is

ok it should now recognise virtual drives on x64 systems
as long as you install dtlite, dtpro or alcohol 120 to their default directory (if not you'll have to make changes in the 'Options' form

memory usage should be better

also stuck the splashscreen on a second thread even tho most of u would disable it (kids would probably like it as there games are starting)

another thing i never really thought about was the splashscreen puttin the scares up people when they first start scripternite (looks like a pretty nasty virus dont u think) lol. The SplashScreen that is!


ps. you should be able to unzip scripternite to any directory windows will let you and it will run fine doesn't have to be in 'Program Files'

13.08.2010, 11:06
does anybody know if 'Disable AutoRun' works in vista????
if not uncheck it in "Options' and hold the left shift key down while mounting images, should temporarly disable autorun


23.08.2010, 16:03
Here is another DaemonScript alternative: DaemonRunner (http://www.cichy.net.pl/programy/daemonrunner/description.html)


27.08.2010, 21:04
ok its neally done heres a few changes

moved all the virtual drive option into mount and unmount (more practical)

if you use daemontools pro or lite it will automatically add virtual drives if they dont already exist,if you use alcohol 120 youll have to add drives manually.

so now you can use multiple virtual drives all from 1 script!
why you would i wouldnt know but im sure some1 might find it handy for something

moved devicecount into unmount so you can remove automatically added virtual drives as u like.

some pics attached

going to add kill process tab and a beep tab so you could set a delay of say an hour then have the computer beep at a set interval to let the kids know to save there games cause it about to end'

heaps more

any ways thats enough typin from me


p.s sorry but there is one bad point you are going to have to recreate your scripts (i should be able to promise it will be the last time youll have to recreate scripts due to new versions of scripternite)

31.08.2010, 00:58
few other changes:

added balloon tips as the scripts are running (can be disabled but not recommended for beginners)

adding process priority option for runapp

allow multiple instances to run at the same time

removed disable autorun from options (its now selected from 'mount'

18.09.2010, 04:30
I registered to say that I am eagerly awaiting the 3.0 release. Thanks for the hard work.

19.09.2010, 11:19
youll have to give me a few days
cause it turns out that Im lazy

27.09.2010, 14:07
sorry that im so slow but im just cleaning up the interface its neally done

04.10.2010, 12:17
heres the link

2shared - download ScripterNite v3.0.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/6YDhohIZ/ScripterNite_v30.html)

to download u must click on the 'click here' link in the bottom right of the 2shared download page (see diagram below)

i say this because there are plenty of bigger irrelevant download buttons on the page.

any way i havent fully tested v3.0 so a little bit of feedback would be nice

ok just extract it to where ever u like no installer required

if u have used an installer on previous versions then i recommend u uninstall that version first

few changes:

embedded uninstaller
moved stuff around
changed a few button images
added teminateapp
added beep
heaps more

have fun


p.s dont let the spashscreen frighten u

04.10.2010, 14:14
sorry v 3.0 had a problem with the embedded installer

heres v3.1

2shared - download ScripterNite v3.1.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/EWG627U9/ScripterNite_v31.html)

04.10.2010, 16:00
Hells yeah! thanks!

04.10.2010, 17:06
Thanx for your effort :D

04.10.2010, 17:40
thats ok just let me know if there are any problems with it

05.10.2010, 11:22

2shared - download ScripterNite v3.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/1X2BJm3i/ScripterNite_v32.html)

fixed a problem for dtpro mount ,should be fixed but i cant test it

18.10.2010, 15:24
I get an error
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)."
I tried both version 3.1 and 3.2

19.10.2010, 18:50
I get an error
"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)."
I tried both version 3.1 and 3.2

have u got net framework 3.5 installed?

if not try this link.

Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyId=333325fd-ae52-4e35-b531-508d977d32a6&displaylang=en)

if the link dont work google ' net framework 3.5 '

hope this helps


19.10.2010, 18:52
new version soon fix a few 64bit bugs

26.10.2010, 09:23

requires .net framework 4.0 get from below link if you do not already have it.


or google ".net framework 4.0" if the abave link does not work

ScripterNite v3.4 below link

2shared - download ScripterNite3.4.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/UxJMpPPt/ScripterNite34.html)

remember the download link is at the bottom right ,where it says 'click here'

26.10.2010, 10:45
please let me know even if it is working ok , its been tested on xp32bit win764bit but should also work on xp 64bit, win7 32bit , and vista 32/64bit.

id like to know which version of windows it works or fails on



31.10.2010, 02:33
if anyone has problems getting there scripts to work just post here.

10.11.2010, 01:58
new version soon v4.0

removed splashscreen its history
moved trayicon and balloontips from options to details tab, so now its per script basis
few other code changes
and yes it will open v3.4 scripts (you will have to open and resave them though)
added check for update

so im still waiting on people to let me know what versions of windows its working or failing on.


16.11.2010, 11:31
ok its done

removed every bug i know about and hopefully didn't introduce any more

its a bit hard when i have to program and test cause no body gives any feed back (ive had one bug report to date)

so if anybody is interested ill upload it



20.11.2010, 07:27
Hey toco1971. I'd like to work with you and test version 4.0. I'm running Windows XP Pro 32-bit on a Pentium D. I'm using Daemon Tools Lite. Post a link for 4.0 and I'd be happy to download and test it on Windows XP for you.

20.11.2010, 07:35
ok i can see the enthusiasm so im just gonna upload it

requires .net framework 4.0 get from below link if you do not already have it.

Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=0a391abd-25c1-4fc0-919f-b21f31ab88b7)

or google ".net framework 4.0" if the above link does not work

ScripterNite v4.0

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.0.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/M4ucpoGJ/ScripterNitev40.html)

remember the download link is at the bottom right ,where it says 'click here'

if you gonna download it at least send an email to let me know if its working or not




20.11.2010, 07:58
I just downloaded 4.0 Tony and it works great. Tested it in a non standard location to run it on Windows XP Pro SP 3 32-bit. I've used it a few times now to create a few scripts. I've also created shortcuts and they work great.

20.11.2010, 09:35
ok v4.0 had some new bugs so heres v4.1

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.1.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/83nkBiIg/ScripterNitev41.html)

21.11.2010, 01:51
there is a small bug in the updater in v4.1
just check back here for v4.2

if u want to use the updater in v4.1 just place a file in the scripternite directory named dummy.txt before updating

basically while updating scripternite.exe and interopshell.dll will get deleted and if the folder they are in is named scripternite and it is empty it will also get deleted, so when the updater goes to replace scripternite.exe it has no where to put it.

But the new version will be sitting in the current users temp folder.

this will be fixed in v4.2

23.11.2010, 07:20
ok here it is

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/gKoxdwLG/ScripterNitev42.html)

ScripterNite v4.2 supports v3.1 scripts and on

should autoupdate scripts as you open them, not as you run them. but they will run fine without being updated.



p.s make a backup of your scripts first just incase i stuffed something up.

and leave some feedback you sad sad people :)

23.11.2010, 07:34
Just downloaded 4.2 and it works fine with my current scripts. Again on Windows XP Pro SP3 in a non standard location. Didn't try to do the internal update. I just downloaded your new one from 2shared.

23.11.2010, 12:17
thanks for the feedback acid0057

if u send me an email ill keep you up to date on scripternite,
even tho the update should be working ok now.


just so people know if you downloaded v4.1 i havent added the v4.2 to the update server because of the above problem i mentioned, so download v4.2



24.11.2010, 06:54
Thanks Tony. I just sent you an email. Still haven't encountered any problems with 4.2 on my machine.

24.11.2010, 13:13
thats good cause if you hit update you can tell me if v4.3 via update works

so everybody out there if u want v4.3, download v4.2 and hit update.

added instance by filename to waitforapp and terminateapp, so now you can type for example. calc, calc.exe or c:\windows\system32\calc.exe. all will work for instance by filename.

couple of other code improvements, cant remember them all

let me know how it goes.




24.11.2010, 13:22
1 forgot to mention, v4.3 only opens v4.0 and on scripts

25.11.2010, 01:23
v4.4 is uploaded to server so click update and let me know how it goes.

25.11.2010, 07:16
Updated through the internal updater to 4.4. Worked great. Opened my saved 4.2 script and saved it again in 4.4. Tested the shortcut created and works great. No issues here Tony.

25.11.2010, 11:19
just for the info. once you open an old script it will auto save to the new version, so no need to save manually.

note an old script will run fine without being updated, so you dont really need to update your scripts they will be the same just with a older version number. i think v4.2 removed the waitforapp timeout that should never be needed any way.

if you want to update all your scripts at once just select 5 - 10 at a time and right click and say edit script. 5 - 10 should be safe, depends how much memory you got available, just allow about 20MB per script 10 x 20MB = 200MB free memory.
once their all open just close them all and there updated

make a backup of your scripts first

v4.3 and on, only support v4.x scripts

by request i may make 'a version' that will open v2.4 scripts and on just so people can move to the newer versions more easily. not that i want to.

30.11.2010, 06:11
im fixing a bug I found (like usual) in mount/unmount when using dtpro.

why know body can email me and tell me theres a problem , i just dont know.

im just waiting on a reponse from the below thread


then ill release v4.5. feel free to try the test i mentioned in the above thread, and let me know if u can reproduce my problem or not. requires DTProAdvanced v4.40.0311.0197


p.s my dtpro trial will run out soon then the testing will be left up to yourselves.

30.11.2010, 07:00
I'm using DTlite here Tony sorry I can't repro that bug for you. 4.4 works fine with the Lite version though.

02.12.2010, 05:09
i have uploaded v4.5 to server

should have fix for dtpro mount\unmount

and several other code improvements.

also auto updates scripts as you run them or open them

and yes im still waiting on response from the thread in the above post #52


02.12.2010, 07:28
Updated to 4.5 thanks for that Tony. I wish I could test the DTPro but I don't have a copy. I just use DTLite.

04.12.2010, 12:31
v4.6 is uploaded to server

05.12.2010, 08:08
v4.7 is uploaded to server\

fixed a newly introduced bug when creating embedded file 'interop.shell32.dll' on first run

10.12.2010, 07:38
Updated to 4.7. Working fine here. No problems to report.

10.01.2011, 16:30
"v4.7 is uploaded to server"

I can only find up to V 4.5 on 2shared - file upload (http://www.2shared.com).
Different server?
Maybe good to make a real - clickable - link in your messages...

Love to go test/use your program.
I used another "DaemonScript" on old machine. Can't find any reference to that anymore.

Greetz, Casey

11.01.2011, 07:07
@Casey: He only put up to 4.5 on 2shared. What you need to do is download 4.5 run it and click on the update in the program. It will download 4.7 and update to it for you.

11.01.2011, 12:30
the last version i put up on 2shared was v4.2 from then on you must click update to get the latest version.

the reason being i wanted to keep track of how many downloads scripternite has after i added the update feature.

so again here is the link for v4.2

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/gKoxdwLG/ScripterNitev42.html)

im near finished v4.8 which will support relative paths, and no more interop.shell32.dll its now fully embedded and thats where its stays thanks to vs2010. so scripternite should be fully portable, even on a burnt cd/dvd. also added runas administrator in runapp, so advanced users should be able do all sorts of administrative tasks from one script.

ie. write to folders/registrykeys where the current user doesnt have permissions.

ill give a list of changes when im done.


p.s wheres some feedback currently 65 downloads and 1 person(acid) gives feedback. i have no idea wheather all scripternite features even works on vista.

sorry but until i put a download counter u will have 2 download v4.2 from the above link

12.01.2011, 05:27
Can't speak for the others Tony but I'm always willing to give feedback. The features you have planned in 4.8 sound awesome!

I'm on XP with a full admin account so the run as admin won't help as much, that is till I upgrade to Windows 7. But I like how your making the app fully portable, very cool. Can't wait for 4.8!

15.01.2011, 08:33
just for the info the update server is currently down so if you download v4.2 you will have to use it for a day or two until the server is back up. ( thank alex wrecks the server then leaves for the day )

v4.8 will be released with in the next few days

get v4.2 here

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/gKoxdwLG/ScripterNitev42.html)


15.01.2011, 21:42
Well get the server working so we can download 4.8 can't wait.

21.01.2011, 16:25
sorry bout the vaporware(v4.8). i had a hard drive crash.

i should definetly release it in the next couple of days.

sorry i've got a lot on


21.01.2011, 20:10
Its okay Tony. I was just bugging you before. Your making some quality software, for FREE, so I can wait a few more days or weeks.

23.01.2011, 00:14
should be later tonight just got to remove a minor bug from the update form.

hey acid if i dont fix the bug later today ill send it to you anyway and u can test it.


23.01.2011, 18:26
v4.8 is uploaded to server.

so download v4.2 at the below link, then use the updater to get v4.8

2shared - download ScripterNitev4.2.7z (http://www.2shared.com/file/gKoxdwLG/ScripterNitev42.html)


ScripterNite v4.8

Should fully support relative paths.
Removed interop.shell32.dll from the ScripterNite directory, it's now completely embedded.
Should be fully portable on burnt CD/DVD/BD, USB Drive etc...
Added run using administrative privilages in RunApp.
Added an update form with a download progess bar ( with bugs but should work ok )
heaps more code changes, can't remember them all.

Options Form
Added a 1 second momentary message on the options forms when saving.

Shortcut Form
Removed the messagebox after successfully creating a shortcut and replaced with a 1 second momentary message.
Only adds icon paths to the IconPath DropDownBox that have an embedded icon.
Now Adds icon paths to the IconPath DropDownBox after manually selecting an icon from the icon picker dialog.


24.01.2011, 04:50
Hey Tony. Thanks for your efforts. I got your email too. I'll update to 4.8 tomorrow night late and let you know how it goes.

25.01.2011, 07:30
Downloaded 4.8 through internal update. Worked fine removed the interop.shell32.dll from the ScripterNite directory. Ran and tested my 4.7 shortcuts works fine. Recreated them in 4.8 just to test it out and works great. Another quality release.

Oh and I updated my Daemon Tools Lite to the latest version too 4.40.2. Still works great!

25.01.2011, 11:21
thanks for the feedback acid, cause i was a bit worried bout this release. It seems the more time i program the less time i can be bothered testing


p.s. thanks again even though your message was a bit suspenceful, that is i was waiting for the bad news! lol

25.01.2011, 11:28
couple more questions does it create shortcuts ok and also can you drag a file or shortcut onto one of the application textfields. this is where interop.shell32.dll comes into play.

also does the update form now give you information about your version(v4.8). does the update form appear to behave correctly.

thanks again acid


p.s. 4 questions

26.01.2011, 07:42
Lol sorry to keep you in suspense. Okay I've tested for you. On Windows XP SP 3 it creates shortcuts just fine. I also dragged a EXE for a game I use the shortcut for into a new script. Worked fine as well. So far no bugs I can see from using it.

Oh and I did test the new update form. It looks great I really like it compared to the old one. And yes it does report that I have version 4.8. Plus adding the release notes in there is a nice touch.

01.02.2011, 16:38
finally got a website at

ScripterNite - Home (http://www.scripternite.com)

you can download the latest version from there


10.02.2011, 03:49
Nice setup on the website. Very clean and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work!

10.02.2011, 06:51
thanks acid, but its still not quite what i asked alex for, hopefully he fixes it tonight.


10.02.2011, 15:35
Well still better then nothing. Are you going to continue to post updates to Scripternite here in this forum too?

11.02.2011, 15:00
i suppose i should

12.02.2011, 00:24
Thanks. Oh and I like your post on the front of the website. lol. I would caution over calling Scripternite a Windows Automation Tool, just a thought.

Oh and in Firefox half the text on the website is white. I had to highlight it to see it.

12.02.2011, 06:46
alex just messed things up is it ok now ????

13.02.2011, 05:43
Just checked the site and all the text is proper black now. Thanks!

13.02.2011, 11:35
follow this link for scripternite news and updates

ScripterNite - Home (http://www.scripternite.com/)

16.10.2012, 17:52
Does anyone happen to have the last version before the site went down? I'm actually in the same boat as a few others, kids too young to grok the fragility of a CD but old enough to play games (got zoombinis, number munchers, all kinds've fun stuff) and, well, this sounds really, REALLY useful.