View Full Version : YASU 1.6.9040 / DTPro and OverLord 2

25.06.2009, 08:07
As soon as I get YASU started (seems like it works fine) there comes a SecuROm popup by starting Overlord 2 that says I'm using YASU...
Is that a known issue?
Are we talking about a new Securom Version?


25.06.2009, 10:11
I"m still new here so I'm not 100% on the rules of the forum..

But I'll say this, If I were to backup my store bought copy of OL2, I would only use "dtlite" because like those that been avenged say, dtpro doesn't work with Overlord 2

27.06.2009, 15:19
I cant seem to get overlord working either. Works fine when using my retail disk however. Guess I will just have to deal with the noise of a spinning disk for a while. :rolleyes: