View Full Version : Supposed incompatability with Windows 7 x64

27.06.2009, 04:05
In spite of what the download page says, Windows 7 claims that the software is not compatible with my version when installing Daemon tools. I'm using build 7100 atm.

HOWEVER, I let it go ahead with the install anyway, and it appears to be working fine.

Any reason why it would say this?

13.07.2009, 08:40
Im using Windows 7 RC 7100 i386, and I am having big problems, might be that its 32-bit that is having the problem, and not 64-bit.

17.07.2009, 08:44
I too am having issues. My pc freezes after a little while. Never had any problem under winxp and ive done 6 win 7 x64 installs with and without chipset drivers etc and only 2 pieces of software have been consistant in each. Nvidia geforce drivers and DT lite. Oops I lied. Yasu too the 1.6 version


18.07.2009, 00:37
Not to be one of those who whine over free software when it doesnt work. But Daemon-Tools is not fully compatible with Windows 7. I refuse to believe that.

18.07.2009, 12:15
Some related addendum to the previous post: