View Full Version : Autoplay question

14.03.2004, 20:33
Operating System: WinXP
Burning Software: Nero Express
Anti-virus Software: N/A
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I've got a question regarding Autoplay. I would like DVD images mounted with DTools to automatically launch my chosen media player.

I'm using ZoomPlayer as my media player and it has a config option to set what gets launched when a DVD is Inserted (Options/DVD Tools/DVD Auto-Insert Program). Additionally you can goto properties of a drive / AutoPlay, and select the action when a DVD is inserted (Are these two interfaces to the same functionality?) Where I run into problems is with DVD's that actually have an Autoplay file with some hoaky free DVD viewer, which I do not want to run. Is there a way to get your media player to run when a DVD is mounted but NOT autoplay?

Is 'AutoPlay' and 'AutoInsert Notification' two distinct features in Windows? I see an 'AutoMount' option in DTools which doesn't seem to be documented. What does this do? Also, I find that dialog for setting device params for a virtual drive has an 'Auto Insert Notification' checkbox which is disabled for me... why is this disabled and what does this do (this also isn't mentioned in the DTools help)?