View Full Version : It doesn't work...

29.06.2009, 23:06
When ever I try to mount an ISO file, it doesnt work, it show the mounting thing and a little clock, but then, nothing. !!??!?!? Is it because im using vista? on my xp computer it worked fine, but vista fuxing sucks,.,,.,
I looked at this uninformative page - http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f26/no-drive-letter-s-assigned-virtual-drive-s-virtual-drive-s-disappear-3701/

but i don't understand it... i use device manager but where the hell is a virtual device option, and how do i install?

30.06.2009, 10:45
There is no virtual device section, the virtual drives should be in CD/DVD-ROM section in device manager (some random name, if you didn't change it).
There should be some properties dialog if you double-click on a virtual device, and then some Driver tab where you can install, update etc. the driver.