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01.07.2009, 23:31
Hello, let me first say I have enjoyed using daemon tools lite. It really is a great product. Unfortunately, my computer got some virus from another site, and Nortons security fixed it but screwed up some files in the process. I did a system restore to a previoulsy working point to get my computer back up and running, everyting is fine now, except I cannot reinstall Daemon tools of any type after the system restore point. I manually deleted the program files and those for the daemon tools tool bar and when I try to reinstall the program after downloading, I get an error window of

Daemon tools lite
Internal set up error 256 contact support.

then the install stops and closes.

Any help you can give me to get this program up and running agina would be most appreciated, I miss my virtual drives!!!

Thank You

02.07.2009, 07:22
What security software are you running?