View Full Version : .mds version 2.x?

03.07.2009, 14:20
Not sure if this is a bug or a support request but this is the only place I seem to be able to make a post without the website telling me I am not allowed to post. I have 3 images .mds format and am unable to mount them to daemon tools.

I get an unable to mount image, file not accessible. Annoyingly I deleted a number of my other images before I found out that its not the image thats the problem. They are (and I am out of my depth here so just repeating my help from elsewhere) in .mds Version 2. It looks like DT only recognises .mds v1.x. I cant find any guidance either way and the error message doesnt offer much either way. Any ideas?

03.07.2009, 15:22
Which OS and Daemon Tools version do you use?
mds/mdf is our own native file format, thus you should be able to mount such files without any problems with latest Daemon Tools version.