View Full Version : games freeze during installation

03.07.2009, 18:14
Well, ive got a really annoying problem. Im trying to install and image of empire total war, there is nothing wrong with the image because its also happened with another game.

I mount the image using daemon tools pro, and during the installation it just freezes my comp..i cant move the mouse or anything. So im forced to restart the computer. I cant get to the bottom of it.

03.07.2009, 18:15
Do you have a GigaByte mainboard?
DT and OS version?

03.07.2009, 18:50
i have windows service pack 3 - home edition.

and ye i have a gigabyte motherboard.

not sure what DT means

04.07.2009, 09:35

Try to close Gigabyte Energy Saver and disable "GEST Service for program management" service.

04.07.2009, 10:13
looking in task manager cant find any of the above..and looked in services in control panel. Not there either.

When looking in program files i do have a folder for gigabyte.. in the is something called "Easy Saver" but thats it

04.07.2009, 11:59
Lookup shortcut description of that Easy Saver and check if that exe is also executed in task manager and close it.

Also try to run msconfig -> Services -> Hide All Microsoft Services -> Check for any Gigabyte Service -> Uncheck -> Startup -> Check for that Easy Saver and also uncheck it -> Reboot and try if issue is gone.

10.07.2009, 21:22
Worked for me! Many Thanks! <33