View Full Version : Can you boot from Daemon Tools?

04.07.2009, 14:30

Im trying to install windows 7 and i dont have the right amount of disk space on my blank CD and i have XP so to do an install i need to boot from the CD!

Can i do this with DAEMON Tools Pro Advansed Addition!



04.07.2009, 14:44
Not possible to boot from virtual drive.

But since Vista you can just mount the image and then install from.

04.07.2009, 19:23
uhm isn't windows 7 a dvd image? (all the builds i had were), and burned perfectly fine to a blank disk, i used nero for it, because its a simple iso, but dt/alc/astroburn should also be able to do it, there's no special things to do...

so yeh, on a cd you won't have enough space, burn it to the right media :)