View Full Version : Anyone see Nemesis?

17.12.2002, 17:36
Really good movie, I suggest it to all

11.08.2003, 12:19
Star Trek Nemisis?

I'll be honest, as a very long time star trek fan, i was most disappointed.

The Data having a brother idea, has been done before in Next Gen episode Datalore.

But I think star trek has had it's day, if they don't come up with something original, I think it'll die.

13.08.2003, 06:21
I guess most of you already know that I'm trekker :)

My personal impressions on the last movie were mixed, it was imho technical good (not fantastic)
but the story was the weakest since generations.

13.08.2003, 07:49
Star Trek, really does let the imagination run wild. But good visual effects are no match for a good plot. They need to ditch Enterprise, and make a new series. It's been too long. But I doubt they have enough ideas for a new series.

Though I will say Elite forces 2 was a legendary game.

30.12.2003, 07:21
Torquemada chased him off somewhere...............

Ohhh....The Good Ol' Days :cry: