View Full Version : Daemon Tools Lite changes display to 8 bit

08.07.2009, 23:47
Hi guys,

I'm new to the forums, and I'd really appreciate some help with this problem.

I've had DT lite installed for two weeks now. last week, Vista lost the icon for the .exe file. I tried refreshing the icon cache and all was fine again.

It happened again today, so I tried refreshing, and then rebuilding the icon cache, and then reinstalling DT. Nothing worked, so I was resigned to the fact that Vista just didn't like its icon. Upon restarting my computer, it inexplicably switched to 8 bit display mode. Only when I uninstalled DT did it stop doing this.

So, if I want to use DT, it means that I have to run my computer in 8 bit mode. Even if I just want it installed, it means manually switching back to 32 bit every time I turn it on.

I'm running Vista 64 home premium, graphics card is an ATI Sapphire HD 3870, all drivers up to date.

Does anyone have any ideas?