View Full Version : Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World

09.07.2009, 15:09
So I'm making iso's of my games so i can store the discs and I've run into an issue with Broken World. I can play the original game just fine but the expansion won't even start, due to the game thinking I'm running off of a backup. I haven't even gotten to ripping the play disc yet since I like to make sure the game works and is fully patched first. I run DT Lite and YASU (latest versions as of July 7th, 2009), I may be be needing a different masking program.

Any tips on ripping the image when I get to that point? I have Alcohol 120.

09.07.2009, 17:11
Games is using SmartE if i'm not mistaken.
Create an image with DAEMON Tools Pro and SafeDisc profile and then it should work.

09.07.2009, 20:51
I have DT Lite and Alcohol 120%. I'm going to assume using the Safedisc option in 120 will give me the desired results.

Any idea how to get the expansion to let me play it instead of giving me an error to get rid of the backup disc?

10.07.2009, 16:08
Ah ok, then try New SecuROM profile, didn't know it is using SecuROM.