View Full Version : BF:V and UT2004? Ok with Daemon Tools.

17.03.2004, 00:44
Can the latest version of Daemon Tools 3.44 mount BattleField:V and UT2004 OK?

I haven't got these games yet, but I want to get ready before my pre-orders are filled.

Kudos in advance. :D

17.03.2004, 06:22
i've just received my copies of ut2k4, used clone cd to make an image of a "protected game cd" and sure enough, when its mounted w/ daemon tools and the ut2k4.exe is run, it pops up a message saying that emulation software was detected, go to http://www.securerom.com/emulation for details, it wont run, for now i am using the cd in all the drives until there is a fix

17.03.2004, 11:02
There won't be a fix to get CloneCD images to work - they won't! Use either Alcohol or Blindwrite image with DPM data, and wait for next Daemon Tools version for the blacklist to be fixed.

17.03.2004, 16:36
does ut2k4 really blacklist dt (securom?!)

17.03.2004, 21:11
i only tried clonecd b/c it has worked for me for all of my other titles, ill try blindwrite

20.03.2004, 11:36
I was not able to reate a working image of ut, but battlefield vietnam (safedisc 2.9) was easy :mrgreen:

21.03.2004, 04:19
I did a copy of BV using clone CD and it works fine without loading it as an image.

With me, when i buy a game, the first thing i do is back it up, then install it from the back ups. I was very surprised that BV ran with the copied disc in the drive.

21.03.2004, 08:37
UT2k4 DVD SE version gives me the same error. Anyone have any idea how long it will take to fix this blacklist? I'm having a LAN party in a week and I don't want to be swapping discs all night!

05.04.2004, 07:03
Misukin, or anyone for that matter. Can you explain to me how you got BF:Vietnam to work?? Ive been trying all night using Alcohol, Cd clone and Daemon tools to no avail. It still asks for the correct cd. Please help me out?

05.04.2004, 09:26
use blindwrite5

05.04.2004, 20:04
Alcohol 120% works really well, too :)

09.04.2004, 18:04
No! Alcohol is rotten!

Alcohol is now lying in it's own crypt, and is undead. Thus, it currently builds it's personal zombie army against the better tool, bw5.

Edit: what about the dvd-version? Alcohol IS in fact rotten.

10.04.2004, 01:44
Alcohol isn't rotten, it's soon updated.

And I'm pretty sure it contains DPM for DVD soon :wink:

Nemerov, as experienced user you should know that at all times
there's a "star" in our business - but only for few weeks, then things
changed... and imho Alcohol never let their users down. Sometimes,
Alcohol is updated often, sometimes not. But they never surrender,
that I'm sure about

10.04.2004, 19:18
Yes, you're right. I wasn't that serious, but the last update was on 2003-12-22... that's pretty long ago.
But I'm sure, too, that they will release an update soon dealing with the prob of DVD-DPM. BTW, do you've any form of contact to the devs of Alcohol?

30.04.2004, 08:59
hey nemerov, just regarding your, erm, affinity to things undead... it comes to my mind that after sixteen more posts, your status will change from 'Skeleton' (which no doubt is to your liking) to 'Goblin' (which is mostly also green or brown in skin color, but that's the only thing they got in common with zombies and such...)

How do you think of goblins? :D

30.04.2004, 18:28
Yeah you're right!
In fact, stalking skeletons are the stage after having been a zombie (in a horror-crypt, of course) - But look, when creepy spiders, worms and all kind of funguses actually live in it, then the flesh quickly gets rotten :-)

Goblins? Don't know - but perhaps the board admin could turn me into a 3-point-"Moder-Zombie" or something!

Did you had a look at my pics?

01.05.2004, 01:06
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

really, sometimes even I can't find the right words :wink:

I promote you from now on to our "Board-Zombie", maybe because
I feel we both seem to suffer from further discussions like this :mrgreen:

- this is an exception especially for you. And for sure I don't want to
receive PM or mail to promote anybode else... you've been warned :twisted:

PS: as you know, zombies are undead. So zero-point -zombie should best fit
here :wink:

and now.... back to topic, please!

01.05.2004, 12:56
Yes, but let me say thanx!

01.05.2004, 19:00
and i'm SO pissed off that we birds and such never get that sort of attention a shambling pile of bones receives... :D

Ever heard a zombie sing on a bright morning? :D

02.05.2004, 23:59
beside the fact that I'm somehow like zombies :) ,
maybe in future we give special-rank to our very experienced users,
depends of course on the quality of the postings, not the quantity

03.05.2004, 12:42
Already seen my newest creation?


(but please vote! :wink: )