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11.07.2009, 18:12

Having a problem on an XP-based PC using Daemon Tools Lite (v4.30.4). Specifically, what appears to be happening is this:

Initially on boot-up (or after creating a new device/drive on-the-fly w/ Daemon Tools), Windows Explorer ("My Computer") view shows the virtual drive(s) as a type "DVD Drive" and all is well so far. AutoRun options on that drive show options for setting up the action on a "DVD movie" and an "HD DVD movie".

However, when I mount any DVD ISO (movie) image, all appears normal at first, but my configured AutoRun option for a DVD movie doesn't work. Instead, I get an Explorer window with the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders visible, not VLC media player (my configured DVD movie AutoRun program).

What appears to be happening is this: when you mount any DVD ISO image to any of Daemon Tools virtual drives, the drive type changes from a DVD drive to a CD drive, including the disappearance of all DVD-related AutoRun options in the configuration area.

If you tell Daemon Tools to add a new device/drive, that new drive again appears as a "DVD drive" in My Computer, but it's type will also change the minute you mount any DVD ISO.

Any ideas on this?

Thank you,