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13.07.2009, 08:27
Okay, I have Windows 7 RC 7100 i386 installed.

I have tried to install daemon tools lite a couple of times. It installs the STPD SCSI driver, and asks me to reboot, fine. It reboots, and resumes install like its meant to. But somehow it seems to have forgotten that it has installed the STPD, because it installs it again. This is a neverending loop.

Is there a fix to this?

13.07.2009, 10:06

13.07.2009, 12:38
If you upgraded OS form other OS version, you must remove SPTD key:
Ensure you reboot before re-installation!

18.07.2009, 00:36
I installed Windows 7 from scratch. And I have rebooted my computer after install. It just starts the install again, AND trying to install STPD again.

Any other ideas?

18.07.2009, 00:51
Okay, update.

I installed SPTD alone, rebooted... forgot about it, and installed Daemon Tools. It gave me a bunch of whiney messages, but its running.

By the way. Emulation mode.... is that gone?

18.07.2009, 00:52
Edit: Nevermind. Found it in Preferences.