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15.07.2009, 10:44
Is there someone that can help me change a .nrg file into a mp3 file so that I can play it on my cd player?

I need a lot of help in english for this as I have looked at sites, that are all gobbledegook to me, so this seems to be my last chance.

I am sure that it is quite simple if you know how!

15.07.2009, 11:05
nrg = disk image, not single audio

best advice...

mount the nrg file in nero image drive
use winamp and rip the audio from the drive to mp3's...

15.07.2009, 12:39
Thanks for that.

How do I "mount the nrg file in nero image drive"

Sorry, not very good with these things.

Do I need to get winamp - I have got dbpoweramp Batch converter, but I am not sure how to use that either (sorry)

18.07.2009, 21:21
How do I "mount the nrg file in nero image drive"

do you know what is Daemon Tools? Mount with it...

THE DAEMON TOOLS FORUM - FAQ (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/faq.php)

18.07.2009, 21:56
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Mounting (http://daemonpro-help.com/general_use/work_with_image_files/mount.html)