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19.07.2009, 23:26

My configuration is the following:

Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP2 Build 6002
Daemon Tools Lite V4.30.4.0027
SPTD V1.59 (Updated manually after DT-Installation, x64-Version)
Y.A.S.U. V1.6.9040
Daemon Tools Extensions V2.2.10.0


One drive (G:)
Disabled safe mode
Disabled DT-Toolbar
Integration for all supported image-formats and mount to first device checked
RMPS enabled
(Everything else is at default)
(No other virtual device software is or was installed)

The plan was:

Playing Das Schwarze Auge (The Black Exe): Drakensang by mounted Image.

Game information:

Retail (non-"Gold"-Version)
Game-Version 1.11 (German-Hotfix)
High Resolution Pack installed (but unimportant that far)

Copy-Protection of the Game:

SecuROM Version 07.40.0004 (as mentioned in GCW-Forums)

The problem(s):

Daemon Tools works fine generally, but first of all, i get a error-message by simply starting Y.A.S.U. that says "An error has occurred during the requested operation. Code: 0x00000002. Message: The system cannot find the mentioned file." Clicking on "cloack" resolves in success for both copy protections for the DT-Drive. Yet, trying to start the game shows that DT still gets blacklisted and tells about a conflict between the game (copy protection) and a virtual drive software (DT).

DTE works fine for SafeDisc but is unable to cloak for SecuROM as of its own decision. The reason is unknown.

So, after all, i read at the forums that the newer SecuROM-Protections seem to be still a problem in general. But that doesn't explains the failure of Y.A.S.U. in general and DTE in the case of SecuROM especially. Maybe a problem with the OS-Version or x64-based Systems?

And, talking about x64-based Systems:

I read that there will be a version especially for those, but DT runs fine by now (Program Files (x86)) besides of the mentioned problems. Also there is only one installer executable for download here but two versions of the SPTD (x86 and x64).

So, is the SPTD x64 installed with the installer package on those systems? Or just the x86? Are BOTH requiered (as some other softwares as codec-packages for example requiere because most players are still 32-bit)? When manually updating SPTD, do i install JUST x64 (as i did, not knowing, what DT installed with the installer, just that it's version 1.58) or BOTH or JUST x86 because DT itself is still 32-bit itself? On the other hand, SPTD is a driver, so doesn't is HAS to be 64-bit on such an OS as every other driver also?

Many questions ... hoping for some suggestions! ;-)


Tim / Germany

20.07.2009, 06:39
Setup is including both SPTD versions.

Also DTE can't cloak vSCSI which DT Lite has.

20.07.2009, 15:46
"Vielen Dank" so far, Blazkowicz! :-)

So that means DT is also installing BOTH SPTD-Version or just the appropriate for the 32/64-bit OS?

Strangely DTE DOES hide the DT-Drive for the ONE copy protection but not for the other ... !? Or is it a special restriction for vSCSI AND the ONE copy-protection?

Sorry, but i have to know exactly as possible to become a better understanding of the facts in regard to solve the problem at least by myself.

20.07.2009, 16:39
DT is installing only the correct version of SPTD.
DT itself is x86, therefore in x86 program folder, only driver is x64 (on x64 Windows).

Cloaking method is different for SD and SR; SR cloaking is only supported on DT Pro Adv. vIDE.

21.07.2009, 14:10
So one possible solution would be to give Daemon Tools Pro a chance and use vIDE.

Anyone any suggestion about the total fail of Y.A.S.U.? Semms to be the best solution to fix that problem as it has worked in the past ... under 32-bit OS.

21.07.2009, 17:01
So one possible solution would be to give Daemon Tools Pro a chance and use vIDE.
Unfortunately it wouldn't.

Using DTE/YASU SecuROM 7.40.00xx only works for very few
chipsets/configurations due to a new blacklisting method.
So it's best to wait for updated versions.
Don't wanna act as spokesman for sYk0 but i can ensure you
that with reason he only now has the chance to look into it.

21.07.2009, 17:13
Thanks for the suggestions! :-)

I read about sYk0 in the forums and also his explaination about his status and that's fine for me. One of my own thoughts was to just wait for a newer version of Y.A.S.U. (or the announced Omen) already.

I'm just using the time in between to become a better understanding of the facts and to gather informations. Also i had to check with some of the more general questions like SPTD and the different OS-Versions (x86/x64).

Also i'm always open for suggestiones of the more experienced users and specialists on DT.

So far, it seems to be the right place here for this. ;-)