View Full Version : The Book of Unwritten Tales - Image Creation

25.07.2009, 10:15
Hi everybody,

i have tried backing up the german version of "The Book of Unwritten Tales". The game is protected with Sysiphus Thread (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f23/book-unwritten-tales-23704/).
I used the latest Daemon Tools Pro Trial and the latest Alcohol 52% and tried different profiles in both, but the image creation always fails. When the imaging process reaches 82%, i get a lot of reading errors in every sector. After 9 hours i stopped the process.
I tried enabling "Ignore Bad Blocks" in DTPro and "Skip Reading Errors" in Alcohol, but it seems to have no effect.

How can i create a (working) image of the game?

25.07.2009, 10:51
Use Alcohol and check "A.S.S" and let the process continue to the end.

Those read errors are normal.

25.07.2009, 19:56
Thanks for the hint. It worked perfectly. Image is working.