View Full Version : CD Not in Drive

18.03.2004, 15:59
Operating System: Windows ME
Burning Software: UltraISO (Most recent update)
Anti-virus Software: NORTON Anit-Virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I have Diablo2:LOD installed on my computer. I created an image of the cd. Now when I try and load it it looks to my D: where the cdrom is for the disc. The image is under the F:. If I try and load it directly from the image it brings up the startup screen, but when I select play it again looks for the cd-rom. I tried changing the location of the cd in the registry from D: to F:, but it didn't change anything.

Do I need to install it completely from the image, or am I doing something wrong? I'm still a bit new using DT, so any help would be appreciated.

18.03.2004, 16:05
Either change Daemon Tools virtual drive to lowest drive letter, or start the game via game.exe, NOT d2.exe.

19.03.2004, 20:41
I tried both with no success. Trying to run the game.exe just sat there idle, not doing anything. Any chance of other suggestions?

19.03.2004, 21:07
Then you don't have appropriate image - how did you create it?

19.03.2004, 23:03
Using ULTRAIso. I created an image of the cd itself, without dragging the files over. I also deselected the Ignore Read Errors box.

20.03.2004, 11:02
File copy won't work - NEVER!
Create an image with subchannel data with e.g. CloneCD, Alcohol or Blindwrite!