View Full Version : Unable to disable virtual drive.

27.07.2009, 00:30
I am using Daemon Tools Lite version
I have on virtual drive with no image "in it", and when i try disabling the drive under "set number of devices", i am getting the following error.

DAEMON Tools Lite
Close all running applications which may use your virtual drive.
Device SCSI\CdRom&Ven_IXKV&Prod_IVOTIFGP&Rev_1.03\5&2c4f72d4&0&000000 has outstanding open handles.
Abort Retry Ignore

Please, assist!

Many thanks in advance :rolleyes:

27.07.2009, 00:42
Press on Ignore.
You may also try to kill explorer.exe in Task Manager and then try again if Ignore doesn't work.