View Full Version : Silent installation

29.07.2009, 07:49
does Astroburn 1.0.91 has command-line keys for silent installation? I want to install it for my personal usage.

08.08.2009, 06:10
admins! reply, please!!!

08.08.2009, 09:38
If I have to guess I think now SPTD does support silent install and Astroburn can be run by running the .exe if you take the whole C:\Program Files\Astroburn folder and restore it to the new PC. If you just manually copy this install folder you will lose some of the features the normal install provides, like shell integration or whatnot.

08.08.2009, 10:12
Hello Radian,

Astroburn 1.0.91 installation hasn't silent mode.

By the way, Astroburn 1.0.91 is the last version of Astroburn that uses SPTD. Astroburn Lite 1.0.0 and Astroburn Pro 1.1.0 (will be released soon) work without SPTD.

09.08.2009, 03:44
TNX! and when does new version will realises?

09.08.2009, 08:33
I hope it will be released during August/September.