View Full Version : SPTD: Does windows xp home need this?

30.07.2009, 09:45
We have horrible problems with this file on our xp home desktop (my win 7 with alcohol and daemon is fine however) If transferring files across the network it will reboot every 20mins. We find that it also restarts about once a night of it's own accord.

Can I just remove this file?

Thanks :)

30.07.2009, 13:32
What file are you talking about? sptd.sys? Why do you think that this file is the cause of your problems? Is there any error message?

30.07.2009, 14:25
Being that every time it crashes in the error log is that file.
Windows event viewer.
I just want to know if windows uses it or not, if I can safely disable it. Only started getting this once uninstalled daemon.

30.07.2009, 16:05
Which DT and SPTD version are you running?
When SPTD's start value is set to 4, then it is disabled and Windows won't use it.
Also could you post latest minidump please.

30.07.2009, 18:06
We downloaded Daemon off the website about 2 weeks ago and once I saw this problem existed I downloaded 1.59 of the sptd but it still didn't fix the issue.

I'll see if I can get the minidump in a few minutes.

30.07.2009, 18:16
These are the only ones that I saw.
In event viewer we keep getting sptd and then system errors when it restarts.
Didn't have an issue until I uninstalled Daemon i'm pretty sure.

Thanks for the help :)

err... I can't post attachments :/

I'll upload them to my website in a minidump folder and then you can view them from there.


I believe this is when I was transferring files from my laptop to the xp desktop, constantly rebooting, got really annoying lol

Oh and it was daemon lite 4304 that we downloaded

30.07.2009, 18:21
I just want to know if windows uses it or not, if I can safely disable it.No, the OS doesn't need SPTD; it was installed by DAEMON Tools.
If you don't use DT anymore it can be safely disabled, or completely
removed with the standalone installer: DuplexSecure - Downloads (http://www.duplexsecure.com/en/downloads)

Of course it's still of interest what's causing the problem, so please provide what's mentioned by Blazkowicz.

30.07.2009, 18:39
Probably caused by : srv.sys ( srv+1836 )

Try to disable Debugger (c:\boot.ini -> search for /NoExecute=OptIn and change it to /EXECUTE)

Try uninstalling SPTD by link Terramex posted and then try again.

30.07.2009, 19:19
Which software did you install that uses eamon.sys? Ensure you use latest version, if it doesn't help, try to remove it and check if the problem is solved.
Also try to remove Blindwrite drivers, you've pcouffin.sys in system, a well known troublemaker.

30.07.2009, 19:39
eamon.sys is part of Eset Smart Security and Eset NOD32.

31.07.2009, 01:30
Well, we've uninstalled sptd and doing a virus scan for giggles. Don't suspect we'll find anything.

The couffin thing: We have a few dvd programs of sorts so I imagine it came with one of those but prior to dt uninstall didn't crash as often. Strange coincidence. We're not using Blindwrite (whatever that is)

What will this do?

Probably caused by : srv.sys ( srv+1836 )

Try to disable Debugger (c:\boot.ini -> search for /NoExecute=OptIn and change it to /EXECUTE)

Will that turn of dr watson? I remember doing that on an old 98 system and had less crashes hah.
Would appear that srv.sys is a windows file... err so, what am I meant to do with that?

Thanks for the help :)