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30.07.2009, 22:24
Hi Everyone,

I wonder if you can help me with my issue which involves, perhaps, a less popular game.

Firstly, thank you for Daemon Tools, which has allowed my disabled son to enjoy nearly all of his favourite games on his computer running Windows XP.

He has extreme difficulty in loading game CDs into CD drives and I have used Daemon Tools Lite (and DaemonScript, plus a program that I wrote to display a 'loading' splash screen) to mount the particular game image and run his games. With his specially adapted mouse and keyboard, he is then able to enjoy the game, be it a Key Stage learning game or simply a 'just for fun' one; Noddy, Tweenies, Bananas In Pyjamas, etc.

However, I am having problems in getting Bob's Castle Adventure to run in that after mounting the image and having installed the game, the game splash/run screen loads and shows the Play/Exit options, as would be shown when the CD is in the drive. When Play is clicked, I see an hourglass for several seconds before the splash screen closes. There are no further error messages and I have found no messages in any log files. I have also tried the following:

-- Searched the forums for this game
-- Used both Protected and normal Game to create the disk image from CD
-- Used a combination of all Emulation Modes
-- Used a combination of all Compatibility Modes to run the installed executable

Could anyone suggest any other avenues for investigation that may allow my son to enjoy this game without using the CD?

Many, many thanks in anticipation.


31.07.2009, 06:38
Please scan install directory with Protection ID.

01.08.2009, 21:44
Thank you for your reply.

ProtectionID reports SecuROM - Version 4.84.81. Even with SecuRom enabled the issue still occurs.

What I have noticed -- when the BtBCA splash screen closes, the hard disk whirs for around 30 seconds even with no other system activity.

Any other suggestions very gratefully received.


01.08.2009, 23:57
hmm i don't think i've ever seen securom do a splash screen (especially a v4 one) perhaps the game (considering its an old securom.. which is in v7 now) isn't compatible with your os? (what os is it ?)

02.08.2009, 22:19
Thanks again for your reply.

The game (as the cover says) is for 98, ME or XP -- we have XP. This is the only game that I cannot get running without the CD for my son and such a pity as its one of his favourites.

Is there any DT debugger or verbose executor (like sh -x in Unix) that I can run to help diagnose this issue?

Once again, any suggestions very much appreciated.


03.08.2009, 09:14
How have you created your image ?

-- Used both Protected and normal Game to create the disk image from CD
This sounds like you've used Clone CD, which isn't capable of creating working images of SecuROM 4.84.81.

Create an image with DAEMON Tools Pro using the 'New SecuROM' profile.
Maybe the DAEMON Tools Pro installer will prompt you to uninstall your current DT lite version - that's just normal.