View Full Version : I have a program that will only read CDs off of the D:/ drive

02.08.2009, 16:21
The mounted CDs, of course, get created into an entirely new drive, I:/ in my case. Is there any way for me to trick my computer into thinking that what I';ve got mounted with Daemon tools is in the D:/ drive?

02.08.2009, 22:54
You can change drive letter (click on virtual drive in DT -> Set device parameters...).

03.08.2009, 15:44
kinda requires drive d to be free in that case Sway, so the best approach would be to use the disk managment portion of windows to do the drive letter swapping..

make d:\ something else
make daemon tools drive d:\
make the something else back to another letter if needed/wanted

03.08.2009, 16:07
I thought it goes without saying :)

03.08.2009, 20:09
for some users.. definately not.. :)