View Full Version : Copying a Safedisc protected CD

05.08.2009, 22:12

Do I understand it correctly - if a Safedisc 2 protected CD is dumped regularly, that is, without using any Safedisc profile, it would not work correctly when mounted using DT even if Safedisc emulation is checked. Is that right?

06.08.2009, 15:51
No, in my understanding it should also work as simple ISO.
ISO also holds the weak sectors, and the defective ones should be handled by the emulation.

btw. what do you mean by "dumped regularly" ?

06.08.2009, 17:50
By "regularly", I meant without using any copy-protection specific profiles while creating the backup (in other words, the same way as if the cd was not copy protected at all).

In the extreme case, let's say I copy the files from the copy protected cd to some directory on my hard drive and then create an ISO from that. Would DT be able to emulate safedisc 2 since obviously there would be no trace of any safedisc data in that ISO?

06.08.2009, 18:31
It seems I misunderstood how the emulation options are used. I thought they were used in cases of imperfect images, but it seems they're used only with burned physical discs. Is that correct?

07.08.2009, 06:40
Ree, emulation options should not be needed for image files. They only should be needed to be enabled for burned discs.

07.08.2009, 09:32
Although it's possible to use the emulation options for imperfect images,
it's recommended to simply create a new "perfect" image from your original disc - avoids extreme cases ;)