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08.08.2009, 16:11
i installed a game with daemon and now when i try and start it it asks me for a cd even though i have cd 1 mounted. so now i copyed the cd1 files onto my computer and made a new image and now it says "error in command line" . does anyone know whats happening. (i looked through about 10 pages of this forum and not one person had this problom)

08.08.2009, 16:45
If you has an original disc, try to recreate the image with the correct plugin - you can determine the correct plugin using a copy protection scanner or look into our Game Database which copy protection the application has.

09.08.2009, 22:20
no its a copy of the game.

10.08.2009, 09:24
Did you try to mount any other images? Does DAEMON Tools work correctly with them?