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08.08.2009, 21:27
Some software generates an MDS file together with the ISO file. Daemon Tools doesn't seem to be able to mount the MDS file in that case. Why? Mounting the ISO does work, however, so does that mean the MDS can be ignored? Why is it generated then?

08.08.2009, 21:48
Which softwares are creating those files?

10.08.2009, 10:21
DVD Decrypter, for example.

10.08.2009, 11:48
Checked in DVD Decrypter.

ISO is self-contained image format. It is used without any other files. DVD Decrypter generates an MDS file together with the ISO file, because there is an option 'Create MDS File' (Tools -> Settings... -> ISO Read Mode), which is checked by default. Uncheck this option and you will get only the ISO file.

An MDS file is an optional media descriptor file, which contains metadata about the original media, specifically the position of the layer breaks or layer breach bit, a property of the copy protection feature of DVDs. An MDS file is then used in conjunction with its related disc image to re-create the DVD. I think, that's the reason, why DVD Decrypter uses MDS files.

Usually the MDS file is used together with the MDF file. MDF/MDS is native DAEMON Tools (NOT Alcohol!) image file type.

10.08.2009, 11:57
...and those DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn mds files mount just fine in my DT.

What was the source of the image that doesn't mount in DT.
btw. which DT version ?