View Full Version : freeze when clicking drive icon

12.08.2009, 23:53
The .iso image file seems to mount correctly, but it does not load automatically. When I click on the drive icon the computer just freezes. When I mount the .iso on another computer, the drive icon changes and I can actually navigate through the directories of the drive. This is an image file of a DVD, so could the fact that the virtual drive is HD DVD/Blu-ray have anything to do with it? If not, does anyone know what the problem could possibly be?



13.08.2009, 09:38
Please, specify your OS and DAEMON Tools versions.

13.08.2009, 16:50
Also specify used mainboard chipset.

14.08.2009, 05:49
(1) Windows Vista Business SP1 (32-bit)
(2) DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.4
(3) Intel 965 Express Chipset

I'm considerably challenged when it comes to computers, so I'm hoping (3) is what Blazkowicz was looking for >.<