View Full Version : hang up at first start

13.08.2009, 11:15

I installed DT lite, no problems there.
When i started it the first time, he is "updating virtual devices"
And there the system locks up. Nothing goes.

Same at safe mode.

Running xp sp3, notebook with celeron, 512mb ram.

It works fine on my 2 desktop systems.

Any guess what to do?

13.08.2009, 15:50
Any security software installed?
Which mainboard chipset and which mainboard vendor (e. g. Gigabyte)?

13.08.2009, 16:20
no security or antivirus or any software at all.
Newly installed xp (+sp3*winupdates)

Dont know what mainboard, its a microstar-notebook
With a sis-chipset.

13.08.2009, 16:39
Do you see any error in device manager and/or event viewer?

13.08.2009, 16:56
no, nothing , everything's fine :(

30.08.2009, 09:59
hey, i'm having the same problem. just tried to install it few times. but still, it hanges with "Updating virtual devices".
im too runing it on a notebook with windows xp sp3 new installation. but my notebook is a HP Compaq V6000