View Full Version : error 256

13.08.2009, 17:43
when ever i try and install/set up, dt lite i get this error code...
it exactly says "internal setup error. Error code 256. contact support"

what does it mean, what do i have to do..?

13.08.2009, 18:07
Disable security software and also stop security software's services.

14.08.2009, 11:31
I know a lot of people have said this but i have a similar problem. Had a clean install of win 7 (rtm 7800) yesterday and after i install and use dt lite (latest version) i got the "error: engine loading was failed" message and dt crashes. re-install or uninstalling doesn't work (that problem with "1" thing and "error 256").

I also know you don't support beta OS (as i have read in other threads) but this problem seems to start after i install c++ redist (or it looks like it). i tried updating SPTD to 1.60 but didn't changed anything.

Also, interestingly, some of my friends use dt lite in win7 without any problem. If you can clarify the source of the problem i'd be grateful.

14.08.2009, 13:01
Firstly, the latest official Windows 7 version is Windows 7 build 7600 RTM. So I don't know where you have downloaded your OS version from.

Secondly, you can try to disable Windows Firewall.