View Full Version : uninstall hang under windows 7 Rc (upgrade install)

20.08.2009, 17:40

Vista x64 with advanced pro dt, did upgrade install of windows 7 rc on it...everything looked fine but silently DT driver didnt load so i decided to uninstall and im looking at the progress bar of the uninstaller for about 20 minutes now...its not moving but its also not aborting either (at about 30%).

Advice uninstall all such apps before doing a upgrade install over vista.

solved problem by canceling uninstall, abort following message of windows 7 and reboot.
exeuted newest dt setup with windows 7 support, took 2 reboots to complete.
Looks good now.

20.08.2009, 17:46
Never do OS upgrade with Daemon Tools installed! Uninstall first (incl. SPTD!), then upgrade OS.
In your case now, just delete the installation folder, remove SPTD manually (http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f26/my-system-wont-boot-after-installation-v4-problems-sptd-sys-6828/), reboot, then re-install.