View Full Version : Install OS from iSCSI ?

24.08.2009, 17:11
Does anyone know if it possible to install Windows 7, Vista, or Mac OS Snow Leopard via iSCSI?

This issue is more relevant nowadays for two reasons: installs sometimes don't fit on single layer DVD and netbooks don't have CD/DVD drives.

p.s. yes i've seen this mac from external hard disk method: Install Mac OS X from USB or Firewire Drive/Disk (http://undulynoted.net/2009/03/install-mac-os-x-from-usb-or-firewire-drivedisk/)

and this mac from another partition method: Snow Leopard Install (http://macenstein.com/default/2009/08/snow-leopard-to-hit-next-friday-august-28th-support-training-has-begun/snow_leopard_training_05/)